A Summary of the Brief

Design a cross-platform product that allows users to manage their finances.

I researched products on the market related to finance. I searched for standard features, found in almost every one. But I also searched for flaws and complaints from users in the App Store and Google Play. I defined the features that are the sum of a good finance manager’s functions plus the features that meet the needs found in existing finance apps.


Naming and Branding:

I decided to give the product a different name. I looked for animals that were organized and found the bird Scrub Blue Jay. Soon I tried to simplify the traces of the Blue Jay and the colors are exactly the same as the birds.


The Flowchart and Wireframing:

With the features set, I listed all the screens of the iOS app that would be made and set up the flowchart. For the idea validation, I focused only on the iPhone initially. I also did several sketches of the main screens to find the best way to present the information.


User Interface and Style Guide

In this step, I defined the color palette, fonts, button style, etc. Then I created the screens and finally, put the prototype in the InVision.